Female Scammer Jossy 


Female Scammer Jossy 

E-mail: jossy1mind@yahoo.com
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First Name: Jossy
Location [Address]: unknown Lagos (Nigeria)
Age: 27
Birth Date:
Aliases: Josie

Reports :

Hi Jossy! Today is a great day and I am in such a good mood. Your e-mail message raised a bright smile as we can talk on different subjects. I apologize for my late reply. I went to another city on a business trip and could not write to you. Now I returned home and immediately decided to write to you. Please send me your picture in my next letter. Tell me how is your day today? Perhaps we might meet one day. If I set myself a goal, I will definitely achieve it. We just have to choose the right moment. To begin with, we must know more about each other, and I believe the disparity in years won't embarrass us. I don't use social networks since I have no time for it. I spent the most time working and I had to interact with clients very often. I also have a cell phone but I cannot make international long distance calls. I used to go on business trips in the nearest countries and bought outdoor clothes and keepsakes for sailing in Georgia. I have been to Turkey, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan… I spent so much time traveling. But now I have not so much time for traveling. I even have to change my work graphic and modify workflow because this affects my profit. We have to develop for achieving success. Do you agree with my point of view? I have an open heart, I live turning only myself in. I believe in changes and hope for the best changes. I don't smoke and don't drink alcoholic drinks. I have never used drugs. And do you have any unhealthy habits? What would you like to change in your lifestyle? I hope you do sport! I try to alienate all bad feelings and to think only happy thoughts. Now you studied up on me. Tell me please more about you? I am looking forward to your answer excitedly



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