Female Scammer Josey Anderson

Josey Anderson

Female Scammer Josey Anderson

E-mail: josey0182@yahoo.com
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First Name: Josey
Location [Address]: unknown Lagos (Nigeria)
Age: 36
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Received email from divorced young woman claiming to be born in Hamilton, Ohio, but raised in Australia, now living in Prague, Oklahoma. Served in military as a Field Marshall. Wants life term relationship. Doesn't care about body or age. Now buys marble tiles, painting art works, fabrics, sculptures, and office design. Exports and imports in and out of the country to Europe, Belgium, Netherlands, etc. Wants pix of me and other personal info. Wrote about 1,000 words extolling her virtues, wants and desires, etc. Claims to have found me on LiveDatingClub.com, but I left that site 3 yrs ago and my email address was never on there. I left because it was full of West African scammers and older women who just wanted to hear stories. Included 2 pictures and avatar showed a person in Military headgear. I believe it is a West African scammer using the LDC ploy (have received same LDC nonsense in scam emails and hangout popups for over a yr now. Asked if I was interested in to build up to a relationship. Wrote back saying it was an African scammer and used some swear words that I have received over the yrs.



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