Female Scammer Joleen Wayne

Joleen Wayne

Female Scammer Joleen Wayne

E-mail: jloway@yahoo.com
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First Name: Joleen
Location [Address]: unknown Lagos (Nigeria)
Age: 31
Birth Date:

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Hello fellow seekers of foreign love... this kind of scam comes in your junkmail box asking you to reply for pictures and corespondence.. after I replyed, I received this 5 paragraph letter telling me all about her hopes.. dreams and wishes. When you write her back everything afer that is automatic... they never really talk to you they talk at you... the letters, for the most part, are all prefabricated with a dash of whatever you mentioned to them in your last letter..but in as little as two or three weeks the lady is already at the airport awaiting payment from you to continue her journey straight into your arms. They are well prepared with all documents passports visas etc.... I didnt send anything this time because I could'nt figure out why such a beautiful woman woman as she was, would go through all of that trouble and travel across the world without verifying anything I had told her in my letters..



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