Female Scammer Jessica Smithy

Jessica Smithy

Female Scammer Jessica Smithy

E-mail: jessicasmithy22@yahoo.com
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First Name: Jessica
Location [Address]: unknown Osun (Nigeria)
Age: 36
Birth Date:
Aliases: Jesica, Jess, Jessicca, Jessyk

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We met on AYI... Are You Interested...Corresponded for 1 month.Acts Very nice with an English accent. Claims her Mom and Dad are recently deceased... Mom from India... Dad from U.S.A. Have been dead for over a Year. She just lost her 14 yr. old brother she was caring for. She is a self employed D J with financial problems... Needs $980 for a newer turn table system. Money for rent $450, Money to repair her RAV4 vehicle $400, She cry's about being alone, Wants to come and live with. She has an Inheritance worth over $80,000 She is waiting for from her fathers death insurance. She would like you to open a bank account with ALLY Bank so that she can deposit the money and you must give her all the information including your social security number. She is not an American Citizen so she needs you to create the account. She said she could tell by my voice and mannerisms I was her man.. She loved to call me... Baby, Honey, Dear and of course she Loved me. When I didn't meet her standards she refused to answer or reply.



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