Female Scammer Jennifer Moss

Jennifer Moss

Female Scammer Jennifer Moss

E-mail: jennifermoss30@yahoo.com
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First Name: Jennifer
Location [Address]: unknown Lagos (Nigeria)
Age: 30
Birth Date:
Aliases: Jenifer, Jeniffer, Jenipher, J

Reports :

Hello! I am happy that you replied my e-mail I did not have wish to bother you with my life story from the very beginning as I was afraid that you are not interested in me but now I can have a hope that it is not so that is why I will start telling you more about me if you do not mind.So, my name is Jennifer, but I hope you remember that from our previous correspondence. My full name is Jennifer Moss but my friends seldom call me this way, anyway if you like you can chose it to address me in your letters. I live in Ukraine. My city is called Lugansk, it is situated in the eastern part of Ukraine and it is not very big but rather shinning and beautiful. If you want I can send you some pictures of it.I have been living in the city during all my life and I have a lot of friends here, some of them are even from the kindergarten, can you imagine?! I am doing my best to keep in touch with all of them... I think that friends are very important in my life, I do not call a lot of people in this way but some of them are really like relatives for me. As for my family I do not have a lot of real relatives. The only person I consider my family is my mom, she is really wonderful and I need her greatly. She presented me with life on the 28th of October and she has done her best to make my life happy. I am grateful to her for everything. Unfortunately i do not have concrete reminiscences about my father as he left us too early in my childhood but I have never felt absence of anything as my mom was giving me all her warmth and she worked hard to make me happy. I have some questions for you. - Which element of my profile has been determinant to choose me? - When could I be sure that you really love me? Which sign show me that you're in love? After such a warm talk about my surroundings you may wonder why I am looking for a partner abroad and I am ready to reply you that it is not my prime target to live far away, I do not dream about Prince and castle but i am dreaming about fairy tale love, perhaps it is a little bit old fashioned but I do want to give all my warmth to my beloved person and if it will be so, I am ready to live my country and I am ready to overcome all other difficulties... I do hope you can understand me and my words does not sound funny. Thank you for finding time to read more about me, I hope it is enough for the first time. I wish you to have a wonderful day Jennifer



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