Female Scammer Irena Emelianenko

Irena Emelianenko

Female Scammer Irena Emelianenko

E-mail: ira1002003@ukr.net
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First Name: Irena
Location [Address]: Podolinsky Str. 24, apt.62, Ch Cherkassy (Ukraine)
Age: 36
Birth Date:
Aliases: Iren, Irene

Reports :

Letter 1Typical accident scam, money to repair mother roof. Send money and I will get visa and passport and come to you. third person becomes invloved at the last minute to interupt the plans. Promises to send you a copy of her visa and passport, but always has an excuse not to. Scam 1 Hello, my dear XXXX I am very sorry about yesterday. I knew you were trying to call me, but I did not have an opportunity to talk to you as I was not in the city. I went to my Mother early in the evening, on Monday, as she called me and said that her roof flows. The day before yesterday there was a rain and a lot of water gathered on the roof., but it's rather old. My Father was going to repair it, but you know, what happened. So, now the roof needs repairment. Our house is full of water - I took my Mother in the evening to our neighboors and started cleaning the house somehow. On Tuesday morning there came some builders and said that they can repair it for 400 dollars. It is awful! I know, that all is expensive now, but I did not expect it would be so expensive! I was going to buy new boots, but now I will not, besides I do not have this money. I can find 100 - 150dollars, but where to take the other 250 dollars? My brother is in the business trip now - he is in Russia, I called him and he said he could give 50 dollars, but not more! I let my Mother live with me, in my flat, but for how long? My brother's wife also lived with my Mother, now she moved to her friend, but I do not think it will be good if she lives there for long. I do not know, what to do! I need money immediately, but I have no place to take it!!! I wish I could draw another 250 dollars! XXXX, I really do not know, what to do. If we do not repair the roof now, all the furniture will be spoilt too!!! But I do not know, where can I get the money immediately! I do not have friends to ask for it! Oh, what shall I do now? Today I am at work, but I can not think of anything, only this foor. Why is it all happening to me and nobody to help? I am sorry, but I can not talk about anything more, but this roof, as it costs really much for me!!! Where is my saving angel? Scam 2 After a while things between us became quiet normal and we talked about her coming to see me in Australia. She stated that as she supports her mum, that it would take a while for her to save up enough money to arrange that. I knew she earned (what she told me anyway) only about $ 120.00USD a month. At that rate it would never happen. I told her I would send her sufficient money for a passport, visa and tickets. She agreed that if I did that she would resign from her work, arrange the necessary documents and travel here. I told her I would not transfer money through Western Union and asked her for an account to transfer funds. This is the Account she gave me. She has told me it belongs to her Employer. Name: Lubov Logvinenko Account No: 2620 6615961 Swift: ENER UA UX Institution Joint Stock Bank Energobank, Lugansk Branch 7,16 Liniya Street, Lugansk UKRAINE Intermediary: Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas, New York I found that I needed to have a ?Routing Number?, a ? Fed Wire number? or a branch identifier number. I advised Irina this and she told me she went back to her employer and to the bank and no one knew what this was. A few days passed and we were getting no where with this. Then I received the following email from her. 18 April 2006 Greg, I will go to call my boss now and I will write to you soon!!! Also 18 April 2006 Greg, I am writing to you from my work. I have called to the bank and they said thay do not know, what routing number is. They say we do not have it here and they also have no man to talk English to you! How I hate this disorder! I do not know, what to do now... Also 18 April 2006 Greg, maybe, you can transfer it through Western Union? I think it will be easier for your nerves Also 18 April 2006 So, my full name is Irena Orlik I do not know, if you need my address. You can write just Lugansk or give the address of my Mom. It's 93601 Luganskaia oblast pgt Stanichno-Luganskii kvartal Kozachii 64. I think this is all you need. Am I right? Yes, new panties! That would be nice too! :) Greg, I am waiting more 15 minutes, and then I will leave my work and will go to my Mom as she asked me to, ok? I will be here tomorrow in the morn. So, if you not manage to do something, wait till I come tomorrow and we will discuss it, ok? So, I am waiting 15 minutes. Honey i am sorry that you are so nervous now and have so many troubles because of me! I hope that my kiss will help you. Kiss you!!! Also 18 April 2006 Greg, I think that you have chosen the right variant. Yes, I will keep the money and I will discuss the ay of spending them with you. As soon as I get the money, I will first discuss everything with you and then take any actions! I will miss you today, my darling! Kiss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I Gave in and sent it via Western Union Scam 3 third party involvement Good Day, Mr. XXXXXX My name is Nikita Voronin, I am a business man and I am writing to you to discuss a very important question for me. Not so long ago, 3d of May, I guess I was travelling from Lugansk to Kiev. I had some business in Lugansk and I was returning home then.In the bus I met Irina. A young, beautiful and really charming lady. I never thought such women exist. She told me that she was going to sign some papers for visa in order to go to you. She was so happy telling me about you, that I saw that she liked you a lot. But during this long trip, I understood that I liked her a lot too. In Kiev I helped her to fends the place to go and also we spent some time walking and talking. Then she left. A few hours paseed and I understtod that I could not live without her. I remembered she told me that she is having a birthday soon and I came to Lugansk again and I spent some time with her family and friends, while she was celebrating with them. Later we were alone and I told her that I loved her. I have never seen you, but you must be a very good man as she said that she liked you, not me. I was sad, I was thinking a lot. I came to her friend Helen Brezko and I found out your address. Now I am writing you to let you know that I will do all in order not to let her go to you. I will write bad letters as if from you, I will talk to her, but I will do all as I really like her. No, I love her. I know that you like her too, but think. She is a young woman. I can buy all she wants and all she needs. I will do all for her to make happy. Please, let her go. Let her go in peace or I will do all in order to prevent her coming to you! I hope, you will understand. With respect, Nikita Voronin. Then I also received an email from Irina: 10 May 2006 Hello, Greg! I also got a strange letter today. The were some pics of you too. Those, which you have sent me too. I do not know, what is going on! hello, Irina.i want to tell you that you are not the only one who Greg is writing to.i hope you will be wise and will not tell him about this letter.but i ask you to be careful! I do not know, what is that. I will contact Helen today and will find out, what's going on! But do not worry, I trust you!!! Love, Irishka



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