Female Scammer Inga Loban

Inga Loban

Female Scammer Inga Loban

E-mail: ingaloban@bossmail.ru
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First Name: Inga
Location [Address]: unknown Kherson (Ukraine)
Age: 24
Birth Date:
Aliases: Ingga

Reports :

"To be honest, it is always hard to describe your personality and character. Looking at yourself from the other side is not an easy thing. But still I have something to tell you about. My friends describe me as an active and sociable person, who receives a lot of positive and good emotions from talking to other people. That is why I have a lot of friends, with whom I can have a good time together. I am alone now, but I can't tell that I feel lonely. But anyway, it does not mean that I do not need a soulmate - the only reason I am here is to find the man with whom I will connect my future. So let's not lose the chance to know each other better? I see my future soulmate as a person with a big and open heart, who is kind to people, but at the same time a strong man, who is responsible for his life and his actions. Who is self-confident and knows what he wants to achieve. I am sure that with such a man I will be very-very happy and we will have a great future together!"



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