Female Scammer Hanna H.

Hanna H.

Female Scammer Hanna H.

E-mail: GoldyFleur@ukr.net
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First Name: Hanna
Location [Address]: unknown Donetsk (Ukraine)
Age: 25
Birth Date:
Aliases: Hana

Reports :

Hi Michael! What are your plans Michael
I apologize if I couldn't answer you a little faster. I don't know why, but your email went into the spam folder. I'm not a technical person, but to me it looks like someone wants to stop us getting to know each other :).What are you looking for on the internet Michael? First of all I'm looking for a new acquaintance that can lead to a good friendship, which in turn can lead to something more. I'm not married and I don't have children. But I have had relationships in my life. I have always had a positive attitude towards children. I love spending time with children. Sometimes I feel like I'm getting younger myself at times like this :)How badly do you want to find and meet a new and cool woman? I want to start connecting with an interesting, kind person. Do you fit my criteria? Do you enjoy meeting new people? How often do you meet new people? Can we find common topics to talk about I want to send you some photos of me. Also, I hope you'll remember to send me your pics!
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