Female Scammer Grace Amudu

Grace Amudu

Female Scammer Grace Amudu

E-mail: grace_amudu@yahoo.com
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First Name: Grace
Location [Address]: unknown Dakar (Senegal)
Age: 22
Birth Date:
Aliases: Gracie

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Scamming scenario:
Pretends to have a business in exotic jewelry, precious metals import export, befriends you with lies of a relationship. Then asks for a loan with a promise of reimbursement with interest. She contacts originally from dating sites Match, Easy grannies E.T.C. then refers you to Skype; made contact on the concurrent I believed her sincerity and honesty because of my gullibility. As the banter continues the request for money came and promises of repayment with interest. Initially the amount was around 5000 dollars I loaned her 3400 dollars.Since the transaction I have on numerous occasions asked for the loan to be repaid. After receiving no correspondence I reported this to the Australian Federal Police as a scam I hope that this will help others when they see this person for what she is A thief, lier and dishonest individual.



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