Female Scammer Flora Samson

Flora Samson

Female Scammer Flora Samson

E-mail: florasam1977@yahoo.com
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First Name: Flora
Location [Address]: unknown Lagos (Nigeria)
Age: 33
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Scammer Scenario

Military scammer: Am working with the American Military Soldier unknown to me. Her messages to me: hi how are you? Compliments of the seasons! Thanks, nice meeting you! Happy New Year! Hello how are you doing? How is your weekend going on? oh yea am doing good too most times its good to rain during the weekend because it makes it chill romantically I know I can understand so are u living alone? Oh yea I live in my Lodge am single and what about you? Oh yea you look so god and cute you look so good so are you gone work tomorrow? Oh yea so what do you do now? Ok I can understand yea I worked today i want inform you that my Vacation will be coming up soon and I would like to pay you a visit ok! Am working with the American Military, I will like to visit you because i found you attractive ok.



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