Female Scammer Elvira Zadorozhnaya

Elvira Zadorozhnaya

Female Scammer Elvira Zadorozhnaya

E-mail: elvira@dalacfes.ru
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First Name: Elvira
Location [Address]: unknown Vladivostok (Russia)
Age: 23
Birth Date:
Aliases: Elia, Elka, Ely, Elya

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-Original Message-
Hello, My Dear ! thank you for your answer! every day I wait for your answer and when I receive your letter my heart melts! a smile appears on her face! I like you and I was happy to see you in real life as soon as possible!close?in reality, it is much more interesting to meet and feel all this much better in real life! just a real meeting for 5 minutes can replace 10,000 E-Mails!!! I like that we communicate with them seriously and openly! You know?t, I haven't been on vacation for a long time and I'm tired of work and want to take a break from everything! But now all my thoughts are about you !!!! I can't work in peace, but I keep myself in hand, because I have a responsible job with people! but still, some positive emotions that I can't hide, they come out themselves, because I often think of you and think that we will succeed! For example, I was standing with my work colleague and she was telling me something about her life, but at that time I was thinking about you and I started laughing! and my colleague got mad at me because she thought I was making fun of her! but actually I thought of you and started laughing because it was nice! my heart wants to love and receive mutual love! I liked to have love between us! I would rather have already enjoyed a happy and romantic time of love?en! This time I'm sending you photos in bikinis! I was on vacation in Thailand, it was cool! I really liked it there! Sun, sea and quiet calm, without fuss! I hope you are happy to see my phonographs! Which photo do you like best? I wish you a good mood!! I'll send you a warm kiss to warm you up!!!



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