Female Scammer Elena Zakharova

Elena Zakharova

Female Scammer Elena Zakharova

E-mail: ravella2010@lavabit.com
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First Name: Elena
Location [Address]: Russia, 677000, Yakutsk, The S Yakutsk (Russia)
Age: 35
Birth Date:
Aliases: Alenka, Ana, Anechka, Aneshka,

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Scammer Scenario

For an unimaginable reason I tried joining in Ok Cupid. Probably it was more of curiosity on my part. Then somebody sent me a message. We exchanged email address and then we started emailing each other. For the first email, my curiosity got the best out of me and I started opening up to her by telling her bits of information about me. We even exchanged photos. But the second email she had send made me hear the warning bells ringing loudly. That's when I took the time researching the contents of her email. What I found out astounded me because her email was a plagiarism of a poem which she made it seem like it was personally written by her. I'm not a natural born English speaker but her email was filled with inaccuracies with grammar and for me it was another warning sign. My second step was to google for her name on some of the popular websites like Facebook and Instagram. she was nowhere to be found. Then I stumbled upon your website and I found a very similar email posted on your site that was emailed to me by this fake.



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