Female Scammer Elena Lapshina

Elena Lapshina

Female Scammer Elena Lapshina

E-mail: Lapshina76@inbox.ru
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First Name: Elena
Location [Address]: Pushkina street 2-11, Kashin, Kashin (Russia); Kirov (Russi
Age: 26
Birth Date:
Aliases: Alenka, Eleena, Elen, Elenka,

Reports :

Letter 3
Hi, Steve! I am very happy that you have responded to my message. Many thanks that you have written to me. Though I very strongly hoped, But I did not think that you will answer me. It is very a pity to me, that I not at once have answered your message, As I have the limited access to a computer. I the lonely Russian woman, Which has decided to find the love abroad. I have found your structure and at once have decided to write to you, As I have found his very attractive. Probably it is interesting to you why I have chosen you from the numerous list??? Simply I have seen the good person and have decided to stop my search, it can destiny. I think that it is not necessary to think of it, in fact we can look that from this will turn out. I for a long time dared before beginning my search on the Internet. I probably would not be solved, if to me have not helped with it, My girlfriend, she worked earlier in agency of acquaintances and has convinced me, that on the Internet it is possible to find well person. I have agreed as I can not find the half in Russia. Here in Russia it is difficult to find the man, Which could be the good husband. As a plenty of men abuse alcohol and beat the wives. I heard much about the American men from my girlfriend, and in me the good impression was created about them. Therefore I have decided to search for the half in your country. I as wanted to tell a little about myself: My name - Elena, my age - 36 age. My growth - 5 ` 8, my weight - 56kg. I was born on October, 7, 1969 and I live in small city Slobodskoi. It is very small city with the population about 50000 person. I shall tell about it hardly later. On a sign on the zodiac me Libra, on religion I the orthodox Christian. Though I not so frequently visit church, But I nevertheless believe in the god. I was never married and I have no children. Though I very much love them. I live in a small apartment with my mum and the father. My mum call Vera, my father call Slava. I have higher education, I have finished philological faculty of foreign language. But in my city my trade has not been claimed, therefore I have gone studies as the hairdresser. I know two languages, Russian and English, but I think that my English not so is good. As I for a long time did not practise it. But I think, you are capable to understand me??? I work now in the hairdresser in my city, I write to you as from my work. As our city very small here again is not present the Internet of cafe. I hope our director will allow to write to you. He the good person also understands me. My father works as the driver a fixed-route taxi, my mum to be on the deserved rest. She sits at home. I very much love my parents, and they as love me. My mum for me the best girlfriend I can talk to her about all. I as wanted to tell a little about my city. It is small city to be in 1000km from capital Moscow. Time zone-GMT+3. I like my city, here there is a beautiful park, a museum, there is a theatre. Especially I love our city in the summer, this my favourite season. In you it is probable always very warmly, to speak you, what you love summer, or you love other season? I do not like winter, it to become coldly here now. I love summer when around light the sun and all is filled with a life. In the winter here it is very cold. And such feeling as if city is immersed in dream. I at all have not noticed, how have quickly arrived by time, and already it has come time of me to finish the letter. I shall write to you in detail about me in the following letters. I hope, you will stay are interested in our dialogue. I very much would like to find your letter tomorrow. As I would like to know more about you. Please write to me it. It would be very interesting to me to learn more about you, about your family, about your city. Tell to me about weather in your city, I never was outside Russia and it will be very interesting to me to know about it. I hope to you I is pleasant to a photo which has applied on my letter???? Yours faithfully Marina!!!! "



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