Female Scammer Elena Danilova

Elena Danilova

Female Scammer Elena Danilova

E-mail: elen28@bluebottle.com
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First Name: Elena
Location [Address]: Russia, 426041, Udmurt Republi Izhevsk (Russia)
Age: 29
Birth Date:
Aliases: Alenka, Ana, Anechka, Aneshka,

Reports :

Hello Jim ! Today I have a letter from you !!! I think we know each other other now? Hihihihihihih..... I'm glad we can continue our fellowship. I am very pleased that you found the time and wrote me a reply. I'm very happy to have your photo. it's so nice to see you understand that I really want to see your face as often as possible. I really want you to send me your photos more often, because you have such manly features and you are such a beautiful man you are not like any of the men whom I know here in Russia - nei on my colleagues or my friends. Now I know you're a serious man. Now I know you have a desire to communicate with me. That's very good. I will be happy to talk about myself... I don't think we should hurry. I think we need to go slow but sure steps. Right? You don't have to be embarrassed of me. I'm simple girl. I'm 33 years old and have no children. I live in Balakovo. It is a famous city of Russia. I don't know what to tell you about my city.... My city is built on the hills. It has many theatres and museums. Many old wooden blocks have been preserved. If you want to know more, then ask me or look at Google. I think that in Google.com you can find everything! Really? Hihihihihihihihihiii.... I have a simple job. I work as a kindergarten teacher. It doesn't make much money. But I like to work with children. I think that for today there will be enough information about me... I hope I didn't tire you. I attached you a photo of my work. I hope you like my photo. Jim , tell me, what made you meet on the Internet? Were you married? What happened to your past relationships? I will finish my letter with this.



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