Female Scammer dorcas appiah

dorcas appiah

Female Scammer dorcas appiah

E-mail: dorcee_luv_1@hotmail.com
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First Name: dorcas
Location [Address]: 1st lapaz st. accra ghana zip 0023321
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She came to me through blackmatch. One of the first things I do when I receive a reply to my profile is to look at who is sending me mail and to see where they live.... she was listed as living in some small town in OK. I replyed to her and she sent me pics... one of the first things I noticed was all of the lush sub-tropical senery in her pictures.... when I chatted with her about that ... she then stated that she was this traveling model and they were taken in Ghana.... I asked her where she was at now and she replied that she was also living in Ghana but would be comeing back to OK. in two weeks... that is the standard scammers set-up... they write you.... tell you that they are traveling in two weeks... fall in love with you.... ask you to finance their trip and they will come straight to your bedroom. I didnt even bother talking to her anymore... I saw her pics on another site.... so they are still using those pics



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