Female Scammer Dora Kinney

Dora Kinney

Female Scammer Dora Kinney

E-mail: ken_dora@yahoo.com
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First Name: Dora
Location [Address]: unknown Lagos (Nigeria)
Age: 30
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Another Scammer in the bag!!!!! This Woman is good so beware !!!She didn't get any money out of me only a bunch of flowers. She is not your us all scammer. I contacted her and she didn't seem all that interested at first. Letters were never very long , was happy to answer all questions, she gave me her Tel. No. Address etc. etc. They are all genuine. She is happy to talk on the phone, even asks you to call again!!! I was beginning to think I had at last found the Holy Grail A beautiful honest Russian woman. In our last conversation I said that I would like to visit her in Russia soon! Next day received Email asking for money to pay for finishing her education Exams etcI wrote back saying that I have a very good friend who used to be K.G.B. but now works for Interpol and he would drop it in next week !! poor woman probably herself!! Whoever laughs last laughs longest!!! Bye heck this is fun !!!! I hope this is of some help to you Guys out there. Happy hunting!



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