Female Scammer Diana Moskvina

Diana Moskvina

Female Scammer Diana Moskvina

E-mail: dianamos21@yahoo.com
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First Name: Diana
Location [Address]: Russia, 606106, Nizhny Novgoro Nizhniy Novgorod (Russia); Pa
Age: 29
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Aliases: Daina, Diane, Dianna

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I am tender and very romantic woman, I love my life and try to enjoy every minute. I never give up and always stay optimistic. I know we can build our happiness with our own hands. I am not looking for a man I can live with, I am looking for a man I cannot live without! I believe that faithfulness, love, communication, honestly and respect are very important in relations between a man and woman. What do you think about it? I want my man to be my best friend, lover and confidant. I am a very sincere person and if I tell you I want to share my life with a special man, I mean what I say. I'm sure that I will meet him very soon. Are you ready to become my anything.



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