Female Scammer Diana 


Female Scammer Diana 

E-mail: didicool@bk.ru
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First Name: Diana
Location [Address]: unknown Lugansk (Ukraine)
Age: 24
Birth Date:
Aliases: Daina, Diane, Dianna

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-Original Message-
Hello my good friend . I hope, I can name you the good friend. It seems to me, we are very similar to each of us, and I am valid to want serious relations with you. I to think, that in me there is a new feeling, I remember this feeling when I for the first time have been in love. When to me there were 12 years, I have fallen in love with one boy when it is investigated at school, but now when he became the man, he to drink alcoholic drinks and very perversity now. In general in the Russian drink of alcohol is what very to involve people and to this. I to not understand it. I not the supporter of use of alcohol, and in a life I that do not use it, also, as not the supporter of smoking. I also the person who would be desirable to find sincere love, I believe, that in our big world to be the person for you and me, we are simple - to risk from our destiny and to start to hear each other. Really it is very pleasant for me to have friendship with you, I start to be pleased lives, and this pleasure is connected, which we have found each other in all this mad world. Billy everything, that I to want to tell you now - you the remarkable person and me very much to want to have serious relations with you. I have printed from the person who makes a choice only once and very seriously. I think, that you understand, that I want to tell. As you I should agree to lead all life with such person, I know, to that, probably, it is necessary to trust on you, I completely believe, that you and I know, that such person as you Billy never to deceive me and be capable to estimate and respect. A deceit - the most bad symbolical attribute of the person, it at all does not decorate the person! Today on work I have gone home with the girlfriend and have paid attention on pair, the guy and the girl were happy, they have captured each other, and their people were really happy. During this moment I thought of you, about which as we should go together, and we should be happy. Those people, will look at us, and everyone should admire with us. I very much estimate in ability of the person to love, up to the end of days. In heart I also very romantic, I very much like to observe from stars at night, sometimes I would like to fly and concern their hands. I would be, so is happy, if with me about the man which could care of me, was. Unfortunately, now I have no any anyone the man during long time. But recently I have met the girlfriend, and she advised me to exploit service of acquaintances to the help of the Internet, and has chosen you from thousand other men. You can judge my appearance from a picture which I to you send, please, tell, that you think of it. I would be pleased, to hear, which you will tell about you directly. I want, learn all about you, because so we can reach mutual understanding and friendship. Tell to me about you. Tell to me please more about your family, about your way of life, about work. I very well want to study you as though you and I shall be convinced of feelings, and we become enough friend close to the friend, it will be very pleasant for us to meet and study us now and to feel each other. I think, that then our relations can become really serious and who knows, probably, for ever. I shall wait for your prompt reply with impatience.



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