Female Scammer denis novosardovi

denis novosardovi

Female Scammer denis novosardovi

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First Name: denis
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Age: 32
Birth Date: 11/11/1987

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Congratulations my friend!!! How your mood? I am pleased, which you have written to me, it gives me Additional energy within all my day. I search for the person who will do I the happiest the girl in the world. I want to leave in a marriage For the foreigner as I Think they decent and true men of love. I Trust in it! The Russian men drink too much and Frequently offend The woman. That I cannot tell about you. I want to study, it - is more Than you, are closer as pleasant to me to the person . I have chance and You have it, to start to study each other. How you look at it? To me It is very important to know your opinion! I shall tell to you It is more about me it is direct. I temporarily I live in small city, me Temporarily remove an apartment. About the big city of Kazan. I live One, my parents live in Krasnodar territory in city Sochi. I Work as The instructor in a kindergarten, work very much not paid in addition. But I love work And children, they as small angels! I like to be borrowed(occupied), sports meets meet, Listen to music, to look cinema. Madly I want to visit Europe, The USA. It is not real at this time as it is expensive for me. I Would like To know more about you and your family, friends? Where you Work? Than, to be borrowed at a leisure? I send you a photo! I think, That it will give you additional energy. Where all of you still have And on what sites I could find structures you? I with impatience shall wait Hearing.



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