Female Scammer Dasha Kukla

Dasha Kukla

Female Scammer Dasha Kukla

E-mail: kukla_dasha@i.ua
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First Name: Dasha
Location [Address]: Luhansk
Age: 35
Birth Date: 28-11-1980

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Letter 1
Translation scam.
Hi dear ----!
How is your day? It is nice to receive a letter from you!I'd like to tell you more about myself and hope you'llfollow my example as I think it will be a good start of ourrelationships. I don't know where will this lead us - timewill show.
Maybe we'll become close friends or maybe we'llfall in love and find each other to be life partners for therest of life. Frankly speaking the second variant I like themost.
No matter what the consequence about our relationshipswill be I hope we'll have no regret to know each other.
Fornow I don't want want to outstrip events. By the way, willyou send me some photos please?
I would really like to seesome of them! Well, as you already know, my name is Dasha and it is atraditional Ukrainian name. I am 28 years old and in myopinion this is perfect age to start a family.
I was born onNovember, 28 in 1980. So, I'm Sagittarius. I am 167 cm inheight and 54 kg in weight.
Good combination I think, but Iguess you will make your own decision having looked at myphoto which I attached for you.
I live in Lugansk which isin Eastern part of Ukraine and is not very big. I have neverbeen abroad so I am very interested in other countries andplaces I have only seen on TV or read about. I live apart from my family.
I rent a flat with my bestgirlfriend. I work as a shop-assistant in a flower shop. Ireally enjoy my job as it's so wonderful to be surrounded bybeauty. I'm sure you know that majority women are notindifferent to flowers. I sell both natural flowers inflowerpots and bouquets.
I like to communicate with people.Frankly speaking, I am not very good at telling about myselfand writing letters so I hope you will ask me questions andin this way will learn more about me.
Dear, I am reallyinterested to know more about your personality! As for me, Iam very easy-going and have a lot of friends.
But sometimesI feel really alone among them. We are very close and theysupport me in everything, but I really want to see a mannear me, a man of my heart and my soul.
What would you wish on a falling star? Tell me please! Asfor me I would wish I could speak and write English.
Yes, Iunfortunately cannot speak or read English and since I donot have computer at home and have no skills working on it Ihave to use translation service.
Anyway I am very positiveabout our correspondence so I also hope you appreciate theefforts I spend on us.
Well, dear I will finish here as I have already shared someinformation about me and my vision of life. I hope I did notget you bored with my long letter. I hope to hear from you soon!
My warmest wishes to you,



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