Female Scammer Daniela Ciobanu

Daniela Ciobanu

Female Scammer Daniela Ciobanu

E-mail: cybercrime_craiova@yahoo.com
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First Name: Daniela
Location [Address]: Romania, Craiova, street Amara Craiova (Romania)
Age: 24
Birth Date:
Aliases: Dani, Daniella, Danni

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Scammer Scenario

I met her on Meet Me Then we went to Messenger and then Google Hangout. She said she owned an Oil company that processed crude oil. she was in Texas at the time we first started talking. She was then in Indiana for a conference. She then went to Oregon because she was going to process crude oil for Sapetro in Benin, Africa. She wanted me to meet her in Oregon said she would send me a plane ticket which she never did. I didn't hear from him for 2 months and then she said she was sorry for not contacting me sooner and I told her to get lost. In the beginning she said she was a widower and was looking for someone to spend the remaining years with. she was suppose to meet me in St Louis, MO in May but never came. she also said she would come meet me when she was in Indiana but never did. When she was in Benin she asked for money and I refused.



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