Female Scammer Da Silva Victiore

Da Silva Victiore

Female Scammer Da Silva Victiore

E-mail: fres_silva@yahoo.com
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First Name: Da Silva
Location [Address]: 105 Missebo, Cotonou, Benin Re Cotonou (Benin)
Age: 28
Birth Date:

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Hi Al,
"Nice to hear from you soo quick, i am happy that you like what i said, thankx for the compliment, My father and mom are from the UK, my father was working here in Ghana, so they came here in Ghana and stay here, then i was born here in Ghana, since then i have live in Ghana all my life, unfortunately my father is dead , so i have been living with my mum and my sister here, my father is still schooling, she want to be a professional photographer when she complete school, i studied to be a nurse, and i have finish it, but i decided to help the orphanage kids, with what i learn, so i take care of the orphanage kids, and also i teach them English and moral studies, but i have decided that if i meet my man i will love, then i will start to do a work i can get paid so that i can support my man. Wow i really like your picture you just sent me, you look soo handsome, and the car is fantastic as well, what kind of a car is that, and is that your Villa that you were standing behind? I will try and get a phone i can use whatsapp on it so that we can use that, as that will be very fun and nice as well, i hope i have been able to answer your questions well, and you can ask me anything you want to know about me...Da Silva Victiore."



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