Female Scammer Cyrill Medina

Cyrill Medina

Female Scammer Cyrill Medina

E-mail: cyrill078@yahoo.com
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First Name: Cyrill
Location [Address]: Juan Luna Cor Independence Str Mindanao (Philippines); Oroqu
Age: 28
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A friend in Canada enjoys games on Facebook. When the players start chatting with her, she sends me the conversations and eventually gives them the email address that I created for catching scammers. They think they are talking to her. She told Paul Pardew that she is from Georgia, is divorced, and work in real estate. she is from Honolulu, Hawaii but she is deployed to Afghanistan on a peacekeeping mission. she has been in service for more than 30 years, works with the commanding general, and plans to retire after this mission. she lost her wife years ago and is single. she asked to go to Hangout. At Hangout, she asked the time. At 12 noon, she should be 8.5 hours ahead of me. she is in Khinjan, Baghlan Province. she says her daughter's name is Emily, who is in a boarding school in the states, which turned out to be in Atlanta. Her birthday is June 5. I mentioned sending her a nice present, like a laptop, but getting her address and phone number was impossible! All she likes to talk about is herself and what kind of woman she wants. I told her I was going on vacation in two weeks and invited her to see if she could get out of Afghanistan to join me. She's not interested in a laptop. she wants me to send the school $3,000 for the laptop and school wide party and send it by FedEx in a brown envelope to the agent. The school's "agent" is at an apartment in West Virginia. she gave me two men's names. Her daughter's WhatsApp number is a Florida number that she got for her before she moved to Honolulu, and there are no roaming charges because she is in the military. I have had all the malarkey from this cabbage-head scammer I can stand.



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