Female Scammer Colline Rolland

Colline Rolland

Female Scammer Colline Rolland

E-mail: colline_sexy4real@yahoo.com
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First Name: Colline
Location [Address]: 110 prospect avenue ,Scranton, Lagos (Nigeria)
Age: 29
Birth Date:

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Hey Rick!
How are you doing.Today, when I was driving to work, an unpleasant situation happened to me.I was riding a trolleybus and a man came up to me. He was *****.He insulted and humiliated me. I cried a lot. Why such injustice.I tried to get to work as soon as possible and forget about this situation.Finally I'm at work and I can see your letter.You made me very happy that you answered my letter. It's so nice for me to communicate with you and learn more about you.you are a nice and interesting man. I hope that our correspondence will continue. On the street, everyone is very secretive, irritated. Maybe it's because of the war. I do not know why, but I'm very scared. I have no one to protect and support. Recently there have been explosions in Khmelnitsky region. I'm scared. I try not to get into politics, I don't understand anything about it.But I am very far away from all people. Sincerely sorry. I hope the war will not come to the center of Ukraine.I'm afraid and I don't want to develop this topic with you too much. Because you are nice to me. Now my priorities are changing.In a previous letter, I told you that I love to cook. I also like to listen to music in my free time. I love watching movies. I love to skate. And you? If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.Just don't get ******. I want to have pure communication with you, without vulgarity.Don't forget to send me your photos.I must end my letter with this. I hope you enjoyed learning more about me.I will be waiting for your prompt reply. Your Colline  Rolland



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