Female Scammer Christine 


Female Scammer Christine 

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First Name: Christine
Location [Address]: unknown Lagos (Nigeria)
Age: 34
Birth Date:
Aliases: Christina

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We met on Singlesnet.com. No picture was displayed (I usually don't look at those), but, as she was in my same town, I clicked to view her profile (which automatically lets her know I had looked) and could then respond back. She claimed in her profile to be from the town I was in (Lafayette Colorado), but was actually writing from West Africa (Nigeria). To singlesnet's credit, I informed them and within an hour, they must have found her (even though she promised that she had taken her profile off the site). I know this because I could see, without her being forewarned, that I had been removed from her Yahoo IM list (poof she was gone). Then came back on under another IM Identity (so crafty). Her story was that her mother had died of cancer, her father died in New Orleans durnig Katrina. She needed money to pay the customs office for a shipment of beads and jewlery (her business) they were holding for charges (tarrifs?). This person is so smooth, they hook you in to the hopes of romance, love, and having children together (even with a 25 year age difference). Her writing style, gramar (sentance construction), and spelling are substantially more course while communicating on IM (which leads me to believe that someone is helping with the scam). I don't have any examples of the Yahoo IM (rougher) communications, but here is one of the emails - (I have seen almost exact courser gramerical structure and vocabulary on Scammers lists coming out of Contonou, Benin (which is the next town across the border from Lasko). Dear H**** My love who is so far away, every day I wish i was there with you,or you were here with you holding me tight in your strong arms. Every night I lay in my bed dreaming of you, so sweet and peaceful. You're the one I want to spend the rest of my life with. Missing you so much is breaking my heart into many pieces...But glad to know i see someone special to miss. I wish you would come to me, my love. I love you more then anything in this world. I want to walk on the beach with you. It would be so peaceful and romantic as we sit and watch the sun as it sets. Being with you makes me happy. You keep me alive. I'm so lucky I found you, the man of my dreams. I hope I never lose you, Thinking of you makes me smile 'cause knowing that you love me so much means the world to me. You're so sweet like the smell of roses and you're so romantic like the sunset. Your love is what's keeping me strong. I am so depressed right now and your love is all that is keeping me strong. I love you so much. I can wait to be with you physically one day and Forever!! Love always - Christine



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