Female Scammer Catalina Oana Dumitrescu

Catalina Oana Dumitrescu

Female Scammer Catalina Oana Dumitrescu

E-mail: kataily@yahoo.com
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First Name: Catalina Oana
Location [Address]: unknown Galati (Romania)
Age: 24
Birth Date:
Aliases: Catalin, Cati

Reports :

I am adding to my report from last month, 5 more email addresses 2 more that she used:jonesleym4@yahoo which was the one that I thought was the real deaf Jonesley Marcus and dakostar2004@yahoo. It turns out this jonesleym4 is not real either and I believe all these people are the same person. The other 3 addresses are people who claimed to be her Grandma, Susan,her lawyer Allen Picard and her Dr. in Nigeria Dr.Odusoga. The phone# is a number this Dr. called me from. This is a very sophisticated operation it appears.


I see no one here has figured this out but have found it on other scammer sites, the pics are of a **** star named Kelseyxxx, if you go to this website you will find all the pics...1500 plus. I also am seeing in the last 2 weeks that Jonesley Marcus is being mentioned as a scammer on a deaf peoples website, which if you google the name is a deaf person in Beckley, WV. On this deaf peoples site, she has been communicating through facebook and she does have a profile on facebook. Asking this guy on this site about some money he has won. Very interesting and still using the name Jonesley among others I am sure. Be careful everyone, if you see this womans picture, it IS A SCAM!!!!!!



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