Female Scammer Cassandra Smith

Cassandra Smith

Female Scammer Cassandra Smith

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First Name: Cassandra
Location [Address]: unknown Lagos (Nigeria)
Age: 27
Birth Date:
Aliases: Casandra, Kassandra

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Scamming scenario:
After first words she ask for WhatsApp. Tell me she want leave country and I have to send her 250,00 Dollar. She didn't want I book, because she will do all her won with bus transfers, stay at hotel before flight. She say no social network activity. Send me also Quaker pics like insta. tell me she work as administrator in cafe. Doing phone call, but not able to do video call. and get angry if you ask for. I asked her for doing video 1 m. she send 10 seconds edited without sound. I ask her again for one minute video and say my name. She send me 7 seconds with my name in audio speaking. but lips and sound are not in sync and it sounds like edited. I asked for second video ....she tell send me money if you have a real interest in me. She also send my passport. name is more from India, email address or her name not to find in internet. Google back picture search with her pics. No results.



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