Female Scammer Cassandra Ramos

Cassandra Ramos

Female Scammer Cassandra Ramos

E-mail: ramos_kassandra@ymail.com
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First Name: Cassandra
Location [Address]: 9/10 H Building Zhuanxi Garden Manila (Philippines); Shenzhe
Age: 36
Birth Date:
Aliases: Casandra, Joanna, Kassandra

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This report deals with Cassandra who I contacted in face book after seeing that she was using stolen pictures and another unknown girl as her profile photos. I requested she accept me as a friend. This she did and I asked for a photo of her. She then contacted me by whatsapp and sent me another photo, I requested more pictures and she began sending me photos. She then told me that her real name was Cassandra I asked for more pictures and she said that she loved me; her phone was no good and asked would I buy her a new one so she could send more pictures. After this sadly my phone did break and I lost contact with her.



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