Female Scammer brenda janemary

brenda janemary

Female Scammer brenda janemary

E-mail: Marybrendajane@gmail.com
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First Name: brenda
Location [Address]: Toronto
Age: 42
Birth Date: 12/12/1977
brenda janemary

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Hello, My Dear Friend!! before start talking about myself I would like to thank you for your interest in me. So We have made the first and The most difficult , to my mind, step towards each other we have written and now we have a very good chance to know each other:) Isn't it a great:)!! Well, I must confess that judging from your profile and your first message that you are a very interesting man, who I want to know!! so You are welcome in my life!!! Well, I am Yuliya:) Nice to meet you!!! I was born and still live in Lugansk, with my mom, who is a shop assistant! I would like to tell you a few words about my family that will be easier for you to understand me in future. you know I belive that person's background, up brining, family, school all these things give a vivid basis of his or her character that is why first of all i would like to tell you about my family! I live with my mom, unfortunately my dad died so my mom brought my younger brother,Sergey, and me alone, I think she is a very good woman and also a very brave one and she is a great example for me, it is she who learned to cook, and be tidy, to respect people and to trust them may be this is one of my drawback now.



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