Female Scammer Bigi Corley

Bigi Corley

Female Scammer Bigi Corley

E-mail: Mariam234_sandra@yahoo.com
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First Name: Bigi
Location [Address]: 35 Johnson street, surulere, L Lagos (Nigeria)
Age: 30
Birth Date:

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Found me on Facebook and messaged me. Very polite. Her Facebook page contained practically no information. Started talking to me & phoning on messenger. Said she was American but had foreign what sounded like African accent. Said she was in construction and had been working on a contract for 7 months. Then sent me good news that she had got the contract and would be shipping equipment to Spain and then going there herself. After about 10 days of messaging and phoning he phoned to say there had been a glitch. she needed ?4000 to complete the deal. she had no one else she could trust to help. I told her I believed her to be a Nigerian scammer and would not be sending her any money. she tried to message me a couple of times more but I ceased all contact. A few days later her Facebook profile was deleted and all her messages on messenger to me deleted. Nearly 3 weeks passed by then she suddenly emailed me with a sob story as to why I had doubted her. When I started asking questions she evaded them telling me she was in love with me and if we talked per webcam would this put my mind at rest. Webcam just brought up her picture and appeared not to work. I could hear screaming child in the back ground. Had also created a new Facebook page. I got drawn in once more and we talked for 2 days and I told her I would send her the money. But I have sent nothing. Found this site instead.



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