Female Scammer Barbara C.

Barbara C.

Female Scammer Barbara C.

E-mail: baba_ara33@yahoo.com
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First Name: Barbara
Location [Address]: unknown Lagos (Nigeria)
Age: 30
Birth Date:
Aliases: Babara, Barbarra, Barbra

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Hello darling Sonny!!!!!

"I was very sad, but then I got your letter. I was thinking about you and I feel you were thinking about me as well. These thoughts warm my heart I want to believe that our meeting was not by chance!!!!That somewhere out there...our destiny was written for us and that is why we have met each other! Every time I receive your letter, I'm very excited and my heart starts beating faster. We are far from each other, but at the same time very close. I feel you, I feel the desire to be together with you. I believe you and believe in you and me. My life is not easy and the place I live in is not a fairy-tale and my life here is not stable. Life here is completely different and is very different from your one. My job doesn't bring me enough money to live on a normal life. We get so little that it is not always enough to feed ourselves. My mom is already retired. We both try and make a big effort to provide ourselves - to survive here. We don't have anyone who could help us in any way. I spend money on Internet cafe that I was able to save. But the money is almost out. I am ashamed to say this to you, but...If you do not help me pay for the Internet cafe service I just can't write you any more. But I hope for your understanding and support. Maybe too much to ask!? I just don't know how to proceed and what to do with it!? I just do what my heart tells me to do. And I say that I can't lose you. I cherish you and want to keep what we have already built and had between us. To have a future with you, we should make efforts together. Isn't it!? Please, think over my words and I'll wait for your response....and believe only in a better future for us.... Yours Barbara."



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