Female Scammer Asha Kumara

Asha Kumara

Female Scammer Asha Kumara

E-mail: ashakumara007@yahoo.com
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First Name: Asha
Location [Address]: box 13153 10 Osoun St Accra, Ghana 011 233 246 485 787
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I have this lady from Acca, Ghana who could well be scamming me. She claims her father is from Jamaica and her mother from Accra. She first asked for $100 to keep her internet up and running. Next was money for plane fare to JFK. I sent her $1000. She claimed to have paid Green Link Travel Agency $200 and $981 for plane ticket. She then needed a declaration fee of $700. I sent $250. she some how came up with the rest. On 6 Dec she claims to have been arrested for smuggling. Her mother gave her a gift for me so her daughter and I could get a good start in life. The gift was 8 bars of Gold. She wanted $7000 to pay a fine levied on her. I told her I could not and I even talked to a supposedly Inspector of the Togo Customs. He was very rude. When talking to her again I faked a heart attack and hung up. On Monday she was in IM talking to me saying her mother got her out. Now she needs $900 to pay in order to use the ticket to JFK. I told her I could not come up with it. she was suppose to leave Sunday the 16th to go live in Jamaica with her father. Now she is not going. Has anyone seen this lady before or come across her. She goes by Asha Kumara box 13153 10 Osoun St Accra, Ghana. She claims to work at the Papaue Restaurant. her phone number is 233 246 485 787 and her email is ashakumara007@yahoo.com she found me on HurryDate.com under the name Queenashaoo7This image was also posted here:Dating scammer Asha KumaraDating scammer Osai Williams from Ghana



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