Female Scammer Anna 


Female Scammer Anna 

E-mail: koshechcaAnn@mail.ru
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First Name: Anna
Location [Address]: unknown Lugansk (Ukraine)
Age: 23
Birth Date:
Aliases: Ana, Anechka, Aneshka, Ania, A

Reports :

I am 30 years of age, no children and I work as a security officer by the immigration service in Holland. I met Nadezda Lyakhova in Egypt where I was for a holliday with a friend from me. Nadezda was there also for a holliday and she was with her son from 12 and her half-sister Olga and Olga's daughter. We go out eat all together and later I go with the two sisters to the local disco in Egypt. We drink a little and have a good time. But the strange thing is that we had *** the first night, and un-safe, and next to her own son ..tis woman is almost 33 years old, and she have *** with a strange men, in a strange country, next to her own son and un-safe! I think this is not normal ..


I was thinking she must have a plan! Her own son has seen us three times when we making love together ..one time in Egypt and two times in Moscow. Not normal right?? ..the kid is almost 13! But we had a very very good time in Egypt, she was so wonderful and caring!!! After two weeks in Holland I was going for the first time to Moscow! And I land at Sheremetyevo 2 in Moscow. After 30 minutes arrived Olga and Nadezda in a light blue car. Finally they are there and we were so happy to see eachother back! We go in the car and we had a drive from 30 minutes to the flat from Nadezda. We dropped my stuff in her flat and we go out eat at the Japanese restaurant at first floor from her flat. I live many weeks together with Nadezda and her son in her flat in Moscow.



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