Female Scammer Angel Williams

Angel Williams

Female Scammer Angel Williams

E-mail: angelina_love200@yahoo.com
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First Name: Angel
Location [Address]: unknown Lagos (Nigeria)
Age: 29
Birth Date:

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But I have known about this accident only in a week after this accident because the police couldn't ascertain the personality of these bodies. I think you can imagine what poignant days and nights I experienced waiting for his return as I knew the exact day when he had to come back though he couldn't do this... After some months my friends wanted to shake me up and to bring me back to life and for this they tried to acquaint me with other men. But I couldn't look at them because all of them reminded me my Loved. Maybe because he was a Ukrainian and all those men were Ukrainians as well.


We wanted to create our family, to have babies and suddenly... That's why I decided to try to find My Beloved man abroad and to leave this country for the sake of my love as I know that happiness does not wait for me here in Ukraine and moreover I would like to start everything from the blank page. I do not know if it was interesting for you to listen about it but in the last resort now you know why I want to find Husband abroad. If you want to continue our relationships and you are ready to help me to open my heart towards you and to give you my love and care I propose you to give us and our relationships a chance to become a happy and blissful loving couple! As our life is so short to waist it.... I wait for opening your heart for me and for your enthusiasm! I wait so eagerly and devotedly for you desire to start our serious relationships! I am still here for US...



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