Female Scammer Anees 


Female Scammer Anees 

E-mail: iwish21@yahoo.com
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First Name: Anees
Location [Address]: unknown Aburi (Ghana)
Age: 31
Birth Date:

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I was contacted by Christine, thru yahoo Personals. She stated that she liked my profile and wanted to get acquainted with me. She asked for my personal email add, so she could send me photos, but only if I had interest, and serious intentions. The second letter she talked about herself a liile bit. Then stated that she was very intrested in me. Also, she had more and more, sympathy for me as the days go by Also, a picture was attached. The second letter mentioned that her colleagues and pupils teacher-elementary things noticed her eyes were shining brighter than ever. To shorten this up, by the 6th letter, she ended it, by saying....I LOVE YOU!!! David (Every letter the pictures were better, but I noticed none of them were your natural everyday pics. The letters were getting, sweeter, more flattering, she wrote poems she had dreams, tears in her yes woke up in perfect moods, wanted to touch me kiss ,etc.etc... her parents approved of her marriage to me and her leaving them behind. By the 7th letter....Yes I said 7th letter. She had asked her principal visited a Travel Agency, and Frankly she was shocked, by the price of a Visa, and Tickets to the USA. However, her mother was willing to help with S400.00 dollars, because it would a years salary for her to buy them, So,she could only dream of coming to the U.S. to visit me, because she could NEVER ask me, so she would rely on fate to take it's course. So.....Me being quite the Gentleman that I am, I offered to visit Russia. She informed me that, she had thought of inviting me there, but I probably wouldn't like it. I suppose that opened the door for fate. The nest letter she gave me prices, addresses, of where I could send money, western union, money grams, and be sure to let her know the amount I was sending and the MTCN money transfer control number and that she would handle all the delicate situations.



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