Female Scammer Andy Terry

Andy Terry

Female Scammer Andy Terry

E-mail: unknown
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First Name: Andy
Location [Address]: unknown Lagos (Nigeria)
Age: 27
Birth Date:
Aliases: Andie, Teri, Terri

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Scam Report

Has asked many personal questions. Told me she loves me within two days of talking, asked for 3,000.00. I didn't five her. Has a 21 year old son Justin studying in London. Says she needs to ship her diamonds to me and need my address I didn't send. Says she is an engineer building bridges in Nigeria. She sent me a stolen picture of a different guy. Men are careful of this woman. She is a scammer. She said when he gets paid her 6.5 million she will give me half first met this woman on dating site. she was a widower with a daughter. Owned own business Of Irish descent. Took a job in Ukraine in which customs had confiscated her equipment. Needed money to get her equipment. Then it was to pay her men. Then it was to get back to US. All kinds of stories. Tried to bully me into giving her the money calling me greedy etc.



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