Female Scammer Andrea Ionela Tocu

Andrea Ionela Tocu

Female Scammer Andrea Ionela Tocu

E-mail: nellly_sweety@yahoo.com
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First Name: Andrea Ionela
Location [Address]: unknown Galati (Romania)
Age: 21
Birth Date:
Aliases: Andreea, Nellis, Nelly

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Scam Report:
I had talked to this girl for about 3 months when she started to fall in love with me and wanted to visit me. She uses the travel agency contract scam that it would be better to come to America than for me to go to Russia. I like an idiot sent her $500 for a visa via Western Union. She supposedly went to Moscow to get it. She has since continued to correspond with me. I have NOT told her that I am on to her. I did a web search and found out she was a known scammer. So, I dropped some bait and see if she would hang herself. I asked her if she needed an additional $1500 dollars for her ticket and she said she did. I know the ticket after the Visa was half that amount. I knew for sure I was being scammed. Because the earlier total figure of visa and the plane ticket was $1425.



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