Female Scammer Anastasia Tkachenko

Anastasia Tkachenko

Female Scammer Anastasia Tkachenko

E-mail: cryinggirl374@gmail.com
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First Name: Anastasia
Location [Address]: Russia
Age: 30
Birth Date: 14.05.1993
Anastasia Tkachenko

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The scammer, in a short time, less than 2 months, already says she is in love, that I am the man of her life. She, in the first letter, said that she lives in the city of Alexandrov, Vladimir region. However, from the phone number she provided, she appears to be from the Novosibirk region. I requested a video call, but she uses a common excuse that the phone is broken and she only uses a regular cell phone. Other important points: She doesn't have a social network, she doesn't have a computer at home. She claims that she uses the computer of the company she works for (AZBO): Company that manufactures drilling bits. I questioned her about the inconsistencies in her messages. Her reaction was to attack me, saying that I'm a pig, that Brazilians treat Russian women badly, that I'm probably not what I said I was. This type of reaction is typical of scammers, from what I read on several forums of this type.



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