Female Scammer Anastasia Kyznetsova

Anastasia Kyznetsova

Female Scammer Anastasia Kyznetsova

E-mail: nastenkakyz@gmail.com
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First Name: Anastasia
Location [Address]: Ukraine,Yampol, Kozatska str., Cherkassy (Ukraine); Donetsk
Age: 28
Birth Date:
Aliases: Alinka, Alya, Alyna, Alynka, A

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hello dear!!! I am happy to hear from you! honey, i received the money and i will pay the travel agency, today, as soon as i finish this letter i will go there and pay, and i think that soon i will have the schedule and i will inform you about all the times, and now i have to run to the travel agency!!! hello, my dearest! i am sorry that i couldn't write you just at once, but i was a little bit busy with travel agency as soon as i got money as i came there at once to pay, then i had to wait there till they will have time for me. Then I went back to take my id card and fill in some papers. so now everything is ok and soon we will be together! now we have just to wait a bit and everything will be great!!!!Your darling..



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