Female Scammer Amina Adams

Amina Adams

Female Scammer Amina Adams

E-mail: linda200042@yahoo.com
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First Name: Amina
Location [Address]: Po Box 20, Tamale, Ghana Tamale (Ghana)
Age: 27
Birth Date:
Aliases: Lynda, Mina

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This man actually got me on 2 diffrent accounts an on the last one she actually THREATENED ME and on both accounts she a military man A MARINE i actually had to report her the sencond time when she was going under the name Anthony Sancez and she has a young daughter she contacted me both times on facebook an would only talk to me on hangouts. The first time she scammed me she wanted to send me her documents an gold bars thru red cross an then the second time she scammed me she threatened to come after me an my son she literally stole pictures off my facebook an threating to come after me an my son if i didnt pay him 1, 500$ by a certain day an when i busted her with a picture she sent me i sent one back to her that she had alreafy sent me under awhole other name and thats when she went crazy and threating me an matter of fact she just messaged me a few days ago back under the first name she use Svetlana an the email strong military man.



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