Female Scammer Alexandria Adams

Alexandria Adams

Female Scammer Alexandria Adams

E-mail: lexydamslove@hotmail.com
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First Name: Alexandria
Location [Address]: unknown Accra (Ghana)
Age: 31
Birth Date:

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I did not want to be banal, but my etiquette requires me to ask you. How are you, mood.But, of course, you do not need to answer. I do not know how I would react to a letter from a stranger.Although, if it looks attractive. Mmm. For a moment I would think too. ( I'm kidding ).And in general, this is my first experience of online dating.My name is Alexandria Adams . I am 31 years old.I am looking for a person for a serious relationship. I do not know what they say here in such cases.But I also do not want to play a cat and a mouse. I speak directly. I'm tired of being alone.Sorry if I found you by surprise. If you do not want to meet, just tell me about it. I will not be offended.I thought for a long time and diligently before going to this step. But I was afraid to waste time in vain.Maybe is it for nothing? I'll wait for your answer and everything will become clear! :)I hope for your answer and don't forget about your photo.
Sincerely, Adams"



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