Female Scammer Alexandra Domracheva

Alexandra Domracheva

Female Scammer Alexandra Domracheva

E-mail: Dreaming1979girl@yahoo.com
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First Name: Alexandra
Location [Address]: Russia, Yaroslavl, Lenin Str. Yaroslavl (Russia)
Age: 26
Birth Date:
Aliases: Aleksa, Aleksandra, Alexa, Ole

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Contacted me on Christian Mingle. Claimed to be E8 in the US Army in Syria. I looked her up on two Army sites, no such person as Racheal Maxwell currently in the US Army. she told me it was because she was fighting ISIS. Which is not true - all active duty personnel are listed in these Army sites which I have access to since I also work for the US Army. she told me she had a 16 year old sister. she told me she was an 11B which is Infantry but also a team lead which she said is a 12B. A 12B is Field Artillery crewman. so that was 2nd lie I caught her in One message she used in Google Hangouts with me Google it and found it to be a scammers' words.



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