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Female Scammer Valeria 


Female Scammer Valeria 


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First Name: Valeria
Location [Address]: unknown Belgorod (Russia); Bryanka (U
Age: 19
Birth Date:
Aliases: Lariya, Lera, Leria, Valerie,

Reports :

"Hellooo I'm very glad you gave me the answer)
Today I can write you again, and I do it. Hooray!!!))
You already know that I'm 19 years old.
Therefore, my name is Valeria.
My body size is height 170 cm / 54 kg weight.
Below is a photo of me.
I live in Russia, in the city VOLOGDA. I was born in this city.
In my city, the home is only 312,000 inhabitants.
My city, VOLOGDA located approximately 465 km from the capital Moscow. Very far :((
I do not smoke, and I do not drink alcohol, I have a sober lifestyle.
I am alone, I never had any family, and I am looking for a serious relationship to live together.
I would like to start a conversation with you,
In which we get to know each other better.
If you want to get to know me you have to tell more about you?
How old are you where do you live
In which city and country do you live? What are you looking for?
And please send me more photos of you with your reply.
In my next mail you get more selfie-photos of me.
Feel free to send me your selfie-photos.
Write me, I think of you with warm wishes...
Valeria photo description:
1. My portrait for you :)"



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