Female Scammer Tracy Burns

Tracy Burns

Female Scammer Tracy Burns

E-mail: tracyburns2014@gmail.com
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First Name: Tracy
Location [Address]: unknown Lagos (Nigeria)
Age: 28
Birth Date:
Aliases: Tracey, Traci, Traicy, Treacy

Reports :


We began to chat at Mingle 2 and at some time she changed her profile photo, I have attached both sets of chat with the different photos, the chat is the same however. In her opening letter she asked me to look at her private portfolio of photos and gave me an internet address, the page wouldn't open. I had a touch of the devil in me and I decided to push this one to her limits, lol. I gave her the usual story about being alone and she offered to come and live with me if I would accept her five years old daughter as mine and if I would help with the air fares. She asked me to send her $550.00 by Western Union for personal purchases and tax payments before she came. I asked her to find out the flight costs and she asked me to contact her late Fathers Lawyer who would arrange her air travel. I did this and asked the man to arrange first class flights for my new family, lol. He came back with the sum of almost $7000.00 and asked me to send it to him by Western Union. I said no to this and offered to transfer the cash by computer from my account to his firms account but he insisted that I use WU.

Scamming scenario:
I Told Anna of this hiccup and she said that Dad's Lawyer had banking problems. She insisted that the guy was straight up! Anna was then pushing me for the $550.00 and I told her I was suspicious of them both. I asked her to send me intimate photos of her and after a little persuasion she did this, the photos that she sent me I found on the net without any problem on the pages, Anna belonged to one lady and recently invaded wet belonged to another, transplants I guess! I sent her and her Lawyer to spam after I received the photo, kept her busy for several days, great fun.



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