Female Scammer Tatyana Kalinichenko

Tatyana Kalinichenko

Female Scammer Tatyana Kalinichenko

E-mail: tan_tan777@bk.ru
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First Name: Tatyana
Location [Address]: Ukraine, 11300, Luginy, K. Mar Luginy (Ukraine)
Age: 30
Birth Date:
Aliases: Tanechka, Tani, Tantana, Tanus

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Hey Ger!

"I'm sorry, but I didn't think I'd see your letter. It's true? Because you answered me. With the current realities of communication and acquaintance on the Internet, I thought that nothing good would come of this. I would like to believe that I was mistaken and there is a place for good, sincere people here. You seem to me a decent and kind man, and I believe that we can find a common language and make friends. So you're from....., uhh how far is that. Everything is probably different there than in Ukraine. As you already know my name is Anna and I am 35 years old. It's quite simple... I'm looking for a friend, a life partner. I want to love and be loved . I don't have kids, but I love these babies. I have been working in the healthcare industry as an emergency physician for many years. I live in the city of Orlov, of my relatives I have only one brother. He and I are half-brother and sister, we had different fathers, but one mother. He lives in a nearby town with his wife and two sons. Looks like that's all I wanted to tell you. I'm not much of an expert at writing pretty letters, but that's not the point. In parting, I want to say that I will be pleased if we choose an informal form of communication. I mean communication without unnecessary pathos and hypocrisy. Good? I will be pleased if you tell me about your hobbies, and everything you see fit, if it's not a secret of course. I will now attach my photo to the letter, and I hope for a mutual exchange. I think that it will be much more pleasant for us to communicate in this way. I will wait for your answer. Good mood and good day! Tatyana Kalinichenko."



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