Female Scammer Svetlana Krasnova

Svetlana Krasnova

Female Scammer Svetlana Krasnova

E-mail: SvetlanaK1979@rambler.ru
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First Name: Svetlana
Location [Address]: Russia, 42800, Cheboksary, Kom Cheboksary (Russia)
Age: 26
Birth Date:
Aliases: Sveta, Svetik, Svetla, Svetlan

Reports :

She wanted to get off the web site and chat through Intant Message on Yahoo, which I did. She sent me 2 pictures which are not yet on your site. She said she was going to turn 31 next week, on the 27th of January. When I reminded her that it was already the 27th of January where she (said she) was she said her birthday is the 31st and she made a typo. Only thing is she made that typo twice and I thought that you wouldn't make that kind of mistake twice. Then she said she was from Accra, Ghana but didn't she didn't seem to know exactly where that was when pressed. Accused me of checking up on her and calling me a smart man, which of course I was (checking up, that is). She did offer me her phone number and asked for mine. Suspicious as I became I searched her name and country and this site popped with glaring bells and whistles and when I registered, sure enough she was plastered all over here. She hadn't asked for money (yet) but insisted that we both not go back on the site we met as an indication of our committment to each other.



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