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Female Scammer Suzi Ubadire

Suzi Ubadire

Female Scammer Suzi Ubadire


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First Name: Suzi
Location [Address]: unknown Lagos (Nigeria)
Age: 28
Birth Date:
Aliases: Suzi, Suzy, Suzzie

Reports :

This girl told me she was in Lagos (Nigeria) and was ther because her father died she said she was in love with me and i thaught this funny. since i had not talked to her but more than twenty minutes. anyway she said she needed me to go to chase bank and open up an account so she could transfer money her dad left her to keep the attorney from running off with it. i found this strange but i played along. the next day she asked me if i opened it i told her no because the bank said no and my credit was not good plus i had no money to open one. she became very persistant in trying to get me to open it saying i needed very little or no money. i told her i could not again and she became angry. and even more persistant i eventually just blocked her and stopped talking to her.



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