Female Scammer Shaddy 


Female Scammer Shaddy 

E-mail: shaddynicegr_01@yahoo.com
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First Name: Shaddy
Location [Address]: Other
Age: 35
Birth Date: 1/1/1980

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Letter 1
shaddynicegr_01 (6/30/2009 5:09:47 PM): am all yrs Dave
shaddynicegr_01 (6/30/2009 5:20:37 PM):
Dave (6/30/2009 5:39:38 PM): Almost done.
Dave (6/30/2009 5:39:50 PM): I should have just gone in and fixed it myself.
Dave (6/30/2009 5:43:59 PM): You there?
Dave (6/30/2009 5:44:15 PM): Going to feed my dogs. Be back in a few minutes.
shaddynicegr_01 (6/30/2009 5:44:24 PM): yes always here for u
shaddynicegr_01 (6/30/2009 5:44:53 PM): i give u 5 mins
Dave (6/30/2009 5:45:17 PM): Long phone call. I should have gone back to work and fixed it myself.
Dave (6/30/2009 5:45:44 PM): How are you?
shaddynicegr_01 (6/30/2009 5:45:50 PM): oh ic
shaddynicegr_01 (6/30/2009 5:45:54 PM): am fine thank
shaddynicegr_01 (6/30/2009 5:45:55 PM): and u
Dave (6/30/2009 5:46:06 PM): Doing well. Relaxing now.
Dave (6/30/2009 5:46:45 PM): You are in LA, CA?
shaddynicegr_01 (6/30/2009 5:47:52 PM): oh good to hear that
shaddynicegr_01 (6/30/2009 5:49:20 PM): nope am not,am an American Citizen born and brought up in the usa,califonia but live in the uk,London city working with a french Rich family
Dave (6/30/2009 5:50:37 PM): Can't meet you then.
shaddynicegr_01 (6/30/2009 5:53:05 PM): why not we can meet if u want to meet me
Dave (6/30/2009 5:53:42 PM): Yes? When are going back to CA?
shaddynicegr_01 (6/30/2009 5:56:20 PM): enytime i want too...am single i need a man to always keep me Busy and Fuck me real Hard
Dave (6/30/2009 5:56:48 PM): You can get that in any bar or pub.
Dave (6/30/2009 5:57:31 PM): I'm looking for a companion, not a slab of meat.
shaddynicegr_01 (6/30/2009 6:02:38 PM): yes u right i have alot of guy's we are after me but they are not the kind of Guy i need around me
shaddynicegr_01 (6/30/2009 6:02:51 PM): i need a Companion like u said
Dave (6/30/2009 6:03:15 PM): When you're back in CA, look me up.
Dave (6/30/2009 6:03:52 PM): I'm in Vegas every couple weeks too.
shaddynicegr_01 (6/30/2009 6:07:44 PM): oh yeah
shaddynicegr_01 (6/30/2009 6:08:11 PM): but if u can pay for my ticket i can travell over to meet u in 2 days time
Dave (6/30/2009 6:10:17 PM): Yeah? Send my a photo (not just a head photo) to my email at .............
shaddynicegr_01 (6/30/2009 6:11:33 PM): no problem i will
shaddynicegr_01 (6/30/2009 6:11:41 PM): do u like Naked pictures
Dave (6/30/2009 6:12:07 PM): Let's see you with cloths first.
shaddynicegr_01 (6/30/2009 6:12:35 PM): ok
shaddynicegr_01 (6/30/2009 6:12:43 PM): coming up for u now
Dave (6/30/2009 6:17:59 PM): k
shaddynicegr_01 (6/30/2009 6:26:34 PM): still working on it honey
shaddynicegr_01 (6/30/2009 6:26:40 PM): give me 2 mins
Dave (6/30/2009 6:26:46 PM): ok np


She said she was from Los Angeles, California, then claimed to be working in London, UK but I traced the TCP/IP address to Nigeria. I believe she/he said they were 30. I saw her on several websites as I began to research. On another site she was 28.



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