Female Scammer Rahina Fusseini

Rahina Fusseini

Female Scammer Rahina Fusseini

E-mail: Rahinafufusseini@yahoo.com
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First Name: Rahina
Location [Address]: 8th street av., Accra, Ghana Accra (Ghana)
Age: 35
Birth Date:

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Letter 1Natalya was the name on her MySpace account, although she used Natasha in her letters. She was never able to even ask me for money, as I was suspicious from the first (I don't use the internet to meet women, there's enough scammers in New Zealand already hahaha). Giveaways: Her letters never answered my questions. It's 2007, yet her photos were taken in 2004 and 2005 with two different cameras - a 6MP-9N3 and a Rekam PR330. She told me I was the love of her life by the second email. She constantly complained about her life, job, etc. Her MySpace account had no associated friends, and had been opened the day she emailed me... My last email to her was telling her that """"she"""" needed to lift her game, it might work on Americans but NZers are smarter than that ;)



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