Female Scammer Precy Andrea Coo

Precy Andrea Coo

Female Scammer Precy Andrea Coo

E-mail: precyandrea_coo@yahoo.com
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First Name: Precy Andrea
Location [Address]: Alla valley, Park season, lot Davao (Philippines)
Age: 25
Birth Date:
Aliases: Andreea

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Very recognizable profile, how she make contact, very soon asking for money, says she is from UK and studying in Nigeria, as long you start talking about money she likes to chat with you, and when I say that I have no money she ignores. I am a kind and open person. I am always attentive to people. It is really important to me if they are happy next to me. I love kids, animals; I love this life and try to enjoy it. I like to help people with my support, with my attention, and with good and kind words. If I can make people happier, I do it. I dream about having a happy family life. I will cook tasty dinners, and keep home in order, and I will be the best wife. I am fond of sports. Sport brings me great pleasure. Reading is my passion. I like dancing. I adore nature and animals. I like to meet with my friends and spend time with my family. I can cook very well. I like to spend my free time actively. I like to play sports. This is fitness, yoga. I also go to the pool every week. I really like swimming. I like to sing and I like to dance. My main hobby is my work. I dream in the future to open a network of beauty salons in my city. I want to meet a man who will accept me as I am. I hate to play roles and I hate when people do it. I want to meet not a king, but a great man who will be my support, my friend, my love, and my passion. In return, I will be a great partner for him and I will never cheat. He will be proud to have a lady like me next to him and we will make each other the happiest in the world.



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